Technology to transform talent management and workforce business process automation
Power the organization or manpower centric business with AI based automation tools, augmented by sourcing channels of Jobseekers and Consultants to transform the effectiveness of building the future workforce.
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World’s first blockchain based (Web 3.0) jobs and training promotion platform. CV database access is bundled free of cost with all the solutions of workforce management and CRM systems.
World’s first professionally validated and classified CV Database by industry experts will enhance the quality of sourcing, right fit selection by 80% or more, cost and time is reduced by 50% or more.
Success through effective workforce management
TalentMicro is pioneer in achieving 100% digitalization and automation of workforce related business process for enterprises, manpower outsourcing providers, manpower selection/RPO consultants and training providers
Automation of recruitment and HR processes
Realtime Jobseeker/Consultant sourcing platform
Timesheet, Billing and Resource Management
Trainee sourcing and training management system
A complete ecosystem to achieve success in talent acquisition, workforce management and business process like consulting, outsourcing or RPO business integrated with worldwide network of training providers, career advisors (freelancers) and a jobseeker sourcing platform.

Our Clients

Worldwide Career Advisor network
Join this revolution as a professional Career Advisor to build classified and ranked CV database, earn download revenue for life and mentor every candidates to help them achieve career success through right fit jobs and right learning
Professionally classified & rank Jobseeker profiles
Earn download fee for every download for life
Provide continuous CV management support
Earn more revenue from CV design and mentoring
In addition to CVMine free of cost sourcing platform, this premium CV sourcing platform helps in sourcing professionally ranked and classified CVs for right fit selection on demand.
Worldwide JobseekerSourcing Platform
A blockchain based CV Sourcing platform to source jobseekers through job postings or download the CVs marked for download by Jobseekers
Post unlimited Jobs to source Jobseekers
Download CVs upon Jobseeker consent
Building Talent Brand by offering ITAL Crypto tokens
Participate in not-for-profit CV sourcing initiative
CVMine is the worlds first web 3.0 platform that helps every jobseeker reach validated employers and consultants across the world without any commercial involvement but to motivate employers and consultant compensate for the efforts of jobseeker through ITAL Crypto Token.

All you need for success in hiring, HR management, training or manpower business

Software + Public job Portal(CVMine) + Ranked/Classified CV Database(iCanRefer) + worldwide trainer providers and career advisor network
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Unified platform for workforce business and management

TalentMicro provides tools, access to public jobseeker database, ranked CV Database and Career Advisor/Training Provider network to build the most effective workforce or workforce development related business
Cost savings
Time savings
Quality of right-fit hire
What our Customers say?
"TALLITE is a great product with easy-to-use UI. I would highly recommend TALLITE ATS for its speed as the data fetching is very fast which is empowering my team to complete the recruitment life cycle effectively and efficiently. I personally like the reporting scheduler which helps the management with an instant insight on the overall team performance and customer satisfaction."

Jeane Bennett

"TALLITE ATS is a user friendly and easy understanding application to do the recruitment process. Also, the support I received was friendly, professional, supportive, absolutely timely and extraordinarily efficient. It is rare to find such expertise in Technical Support. We know we can get help when we need it. Keep up the good work!”

Laxmi Pagare

"Database Management was one of our biggest challenges - TALLITE ATS platform helped us set up the ATS management system as per our requirement. It improved our candidate sourcing capabilities and enabled effective engagement with them through SMS and Emails. We were also able to initiate offers and filter the candidate records. We are happy to have chosen TALLITE as our partner and a platform to grow our business."

Manoj Gupta


Some of the use cases

TALLITE is a perfect tool for digitalization and automation of workforce management across all industries. Some of them are considered for case studies as below but not restricted to this list, as the platform fits into every organization where workforce is critical to their success.

The next generation global enterprise to bring digital transformation technologies for workforce and workplace management activities of every organization across the world. The core strengths are being cutting edge and focus on emerging technologies to help customer stay ahead of the industry and get future ready from time to time. TalentMicro caters to organizations for automation of workforce and workplace processes and an end-to-end platform for contract staffing, selection and RPO providers.
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